Sharilyn was born into a family of psychics and clairvoyants. At four years of age, deep personal trauma drove her within and she began to see that which is hidden from the eyes of others. Over the years the ability to see angels, demons and lower astral entities increased and she began to have visions. In 1971 after her infant son died, she lived more in the astral realm than in the material realm.

She saw 3 holy wars between angels and demons fought over her and saw the Master of Masters, Jesus Christ, intervene for her. She turned her life over to be His servant and He has been her main spirit guide ever since. Her life training began. Ascended Masters such as Peter and Thomas came to help. Meditation, visions and recording dreams were a daily routine. She studied hypnotherapy, pendulum analysis, dowsing, control of the mind and she pursued all avenues available for personal spiritual growth and for service to others.

She developed into a seer, mystic, teacher, intuitive counselor and facilitator for the healing Light of Divine Love specializing in soul retrieval, past life memories, and exorcism. She had healing meditation meetings. She has always been grounded knowing it is the Light of God’s Love that removes, cleans up and transmutes everything that is not Love.

Photo credit: Robbie Council, 2007


To provide healing opportunities for adults and children suffering from personal and ancestral (genetic code defects) pain, soul transfer loss and past life trauma thus ending the cycle of pain which causes spiritual problems.

To alleviate suffering for humanity, one person, one family, one group at a time and to help each individual remember there is nothing anyone can do, say, think or be that would ever separate him or her from the Love of God.

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