Your pain comes from emotional blocks. I am a versatile healer and I can help you remove them. I facilitate angelic intervention, open the flow of Divine Love and join with you so that I am one with your pain, fears, anger, sadness, etc.; I feel your pain no matter how deeply buried in self-denial. Because I can see the chakras and endocrine system, I can tell when the blockages are gone. Whatever it is I see as the cause of the person’s real problem, I turn that problem over to God and then wait for inspiration and for results. I call in many helpers and guides always stating that I am trusting God to heal the person, for it is the white Light of God's Love that heals.

- C H A K R A S -

Each Chakra is responsive to its corresponding Divine vibratory energy and brings that energy into the physical and emotional body. These energies support the life of the physical vehicle and maintain the balance of the personality. When the chakras are clear of emotional trauma, we respond to life with optimism and gratitude. Often we are born with chakras blocked by ancestral pain. In living life we may experience verbal, emotional, sexual, or physical violence that creates blockages. When the blockages of emotional trauma are removed and the energies flow harmoniously with Universal Love, we respond to life with a calm mind, a happy optimistic attitude and a healthy body.


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